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A Meeting of Monarchs

Player reviews

A Meeting of Monarchs - Run 1 - 0969_edited.jpg

From Fanny:

"I would like to thank the organisers for this outstanding LARP. Not only for the great game. But for the atmosphere in which it took place. From the preparation documents, through the briefing, to your gentle and smiling presences during the game, you have instilled goodwill.

It resonated around us and between us.

(...) I will cherish these memories for a long time and I hope to be able to transcribe it in my next orgas."

From Johanna:

"I wanted to thank you guys for this outstanding event! The organization was fantastic, I always felt well informed throughout all the postponings and Covid-Crazes. The game was lovingly designed with attention to detail and a lot of options for the players to chose from.

You were a very dedicated crew (shoutout to the cook for the great food even for the multi-allergic person that I am!) and made my first international larp one to remember and to boast about :)"

A Meeting of Monarchs - Run 1 - 0295_edited.jpg

From Adam:

"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the game - it was my best LARP experience. Really.
The surroundings, the complete immersion, wonderful players, storylines, costumes, props, literally everything was there for us to feel like real-life royals.
I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this possible. A truly unique experience."

From David:

"The game was fantastic. I've said it before, but this was the best LARP I've ever been to.

I was never bored for a second and there were so many characters I never even met.

Maybe this is the post-LARP glow talking, but perhaps it could even be extended by another day as there were still things I wanted to do, but I just ran out of time."


From Anne:

"A Meeting of Monarchs was the best of times.

I got the chance to play her royal highness, the Princess Marguerite of Navarre. It was a wonderful experience to step into times I know so much about and see those historical characters brought back to life (and ruin history where I might be responsible for that too). Thank you to the team for running this wonderful larp"

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