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About Charmed Plume Productions

Charmed Plume Productions is a non-profit LARP organization created in 2020 and based in France.

Our aim is to create highly immersive role-playing experiences inspired by universes, stories, and History that we are passionate about. We wish to share these experiences with international audiences of various fandoms and while we currently only have one live project (A Meeting of Monarchs) we are already working on other themes and universes for future events.

Our long-term vision is to be able to pay our designers and artists per project, as well as create a sane and efficient creative environment for ourselves and our freelancers. While everyone working on our events currently does so as volunteers, we run our events multiple times a year to cater to this long-term vision.


Lead Producer


Lisa Wolfrum is the founder of Charmed Plume Productions and has worked at Dziobak Larp Studios and College of Wizardry for multiple years.

She has a Master's degree in Tourism, Historical Heritage, and Event Management, as well as a Bachelor's degree in English studies and Graphic Design.

Long before she learned what LARP (Live Action Role Play) was, she dreamt about bringing history to life through "play-pretend" in a historical setting, with costumes and characters.

Today this dream is coming true thanks to a wonderful team of designers, writers, and volunteers who have been helping her develop this project since January 2020.


Charmed Plume Productions works with a number of different people on various projects.

A Meeting of Monarchs

For "A Meeting of Monarchs" we've teamed up with Parallel Worlds (Hungary), Jim "Lucky" Walseman, John Shockley, Nandor Laklia, Zsofia Szalay and Chris Hartford.
Others who contributed to this production are Balint Turi, Smadar Krampf, Agata Świstak, Kevin Pearl, CJ Gahagan, Mia Kyhn, Ben Books Schwartz, Simon Brind, and Adrien Martinoli.

We have consulted with Agata Świstak, Avalon Larp Studios, Horseradish Studio, College of Wizardry, The Northcott Gala, Jeppe Schmidt Hansen, and Anders Gredal Berner (Bifrost).

Heirs of the Dragon - Seeds of War

Inspired by "A Song of Ice" and "Fire and Fire & Blood" by George R. R. Martin, Heirs of the Dragon is created in collaboration with Loren Scipioni and Wonderlarp. Other writers for this game are Marco Bruschi, Dario L. A. Utari, Costantino Pompa, Filippo Montanelli, Luca Bellini and Valentina Di Mauro. With insights from Mattia Rossi and Nandor Laklia.

Dawn at Kaer Seren

Dawn at Kaer Seren is a larp inspired by The Witcher universe, taking place at Youth Hostel Mariastein Rotberg Castle in Switzerland. This game is created in collaboration with Simon Schroff and Anna Furmanek-Czekajło.

Hobbit larp

We are currently working on a french-speaking Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit inspired game in collaboration with Yannick Vlug, with help from Olivier Ciet.

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